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Greens boost for winter wellness!


Article At A Glance:

  • How our GREENS BOOST can keep you well this winter
  • What are functional foods?
  • What is in our greens boost and why it’s AMAZING!
  • Greens Boost is safe for the whole family


Greens boost for winter wellness

Winter is here and that usually means dosing up on the usual flu fighters of multivitamins, echinacea and vitamin C to stay well or fight off a virus quickly. While these are great immunity boosters, the addition of functional foods in your daily meals are also a great alternative to keep your body healthy and functioning all year long. 


What are functional foods?

Functional foods are specific foods that contain therapeutic nutrient qualities aimed at targeting mechanisms in the body systems such as the endocrine, immune and nervous systems to name a few (CSIRO). Functional foods are also commonly referred to as superfoods, based on their superior nutrient status. Some common types of functional foods include greens such as kale, spirulina and chlorella, turmeric, acai and cacao. Our Greens Boost (containing chlorella, spirulina, and barley grass) is the perfect functional food to add into your daily eating, it can be consumed in a drink or used in recipes

What’s in our greens powder?

Our Greens Boost is specifically formulated with organic and therapeutically beneficial ingredients including barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, kelp and hesperidin. Our Greens Boost is great for winter wellness, these ingredients help to strengthen the immune system by:

Barley grass contains vitamin A, which helps to regulate immune function and cell growth. High in vitamin C, it plays a central role in immune function, wound healing and oral health to name a few. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a great preventative against viruses, infections and chronic health conditions (Zeng et al., 2018). 


Spirulina is rich in vitamin E, C and B6 and minerals for maintaining a healthy immune system. Spirulina also boosts the production of white blood cells and antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria in your body (Selmi et al., 2011).


Chlorella contains antioxidants and other nutrients showing anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-tumor properties. It supports immunity by increasing white blood cell levels and natural killer cell activity to stimulate your immune system and help fight infection (Kwak et al., 2012).


Kelp is high in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which help fight against disease-causing free radicals. The rich nutrient value in kelp, especially vitamin C, can help to support our immune system. Studies have shown that it might be capable of reducing the degree of specific enzyme dominance in COVID-19 patients by inhibiting the enzyme ACE that contributes to the disease (Tamama, 2021). 


Hesperidin possesses immunoregulatory properties in the intestinal immune response, but this effect is not able to influence the synthesis of specific antibodies. It also protects cells against oxidative damage and reduces inflammation to support immune function (Camps-Bossacoma et al., 2017). 


How much and how often?

We recommend having up to 3 serves per day to get your daily nutritional needs. Consistency is key, taking greens boost year long is the best way to keep yourself healthy and thriving throughout the seasons. With the prices of fresh produce skyrocketing, taking 3 servings of greens boost daily equals to only $1.50 giving you significant savings while still ensuring your family is getting the nutrients they need.


 FUN FACT- as Designer Physique is committed to providing quality and affordable supplements we haven’t increased our prices for several years, therefore our brand is sustainable for your family and budget and you can trust that for the foreseeable future our prices will stay the same!


Is it safe for the whole family?

The good news is YES, GREENS BOOST IS SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Our all natural and organic ingredients are safe for all ages and stages of life from pregnancy, to breastfeeding, newborn through to elderly.

Wonder if our protein range is also safe for the family? Check out this blog here.

You’ll be green with envy, if you don’t try it for yourself

No matter how young or old, you’ve been given the green light to safely boost your immune system with our greens boost. How cool that you can ditch some of the multivitamin tablets and naturally boost your overall health and immunity by enjoying mixing our Greens boost in a delicious green smoothie or zucchini slice. Don’t miss out on optimal health all year round, try our greens boost today or spend your winter sick and green with envy that you didn’t give it a go sooner!


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