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Spirulina is a microscopic blue green algae with a single cell.

It’s touted as a super food or the ultimate natural nutritional supplement because it contains numerous nutrients like vitamins B, C and E, protein, calcium, chlorophyll, iron and essential fatty acids.

It is allegedly the most complete source of nutrients. It’s usually contained in powder, tablet or capsule supplements.  It is commonly used by persons who want to lose weight. Here are some of the benefits you can get from spirulina:

  • It increases the concentration of nutrients in your body, thus your body will no longer feel the need to look for nutrients. This will reduce your hunger cravings and help you avoid eating between meals. 
  • It helps detoxify your body by eliminating harmful toxins. For instance, it reduces kidney toxicity. It also improves digestion and bowel movement and suppresses bad bacteria. 
  • With its high protein content, spirulina can help you build leaner muscle mass so your body can burn more calories. It’s ideal for low carbohydrate diets and for muscle building. 
  • It can provide you with energy and improve your stamina, making it ideal for persons who undergo high intensity workouts and athletes who undergo extensive training. It aids in creating and repairing your muscles and it allows your body to retain iron. It also improves endurance, which makes it useful to hikers, marathon runners and mountain climbers. 
  • It helps boost your immune system and protect you against degenerative organ diseases. This allows your metabolic energy to focus on more important chores like assimilating nutrients and healing. It also increases lymphocyte activity and stimulates blood production. 
  • Although high in protein, spirulina has low calories compared to other sources of protein. You get your nutritional needs minus the caloric consequences. 
  • It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and GLA. It also regulates your insulin and blood sugar levels to help reduce your carbohydrate intake. 
  • It’s a good natural plant source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. 
  • Spirulina promotes weight loss with the help of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 
  • With its high iron content, you reduce the risk of anemia which is prevalent in women who are working on losing weight.
  • With its high levels of beta carotene (a powerful antioxidant and precursor to Vitamin A), you get a natural anti-aging supplement. This is especially ideal for older persons who eat inappropriately, do not eat much or are unable to absorb sufficient nutrients.

With its numerous benefits, you can’t go wrong when you try spirulina. You will not only lose weight, but you are also guaranteed to live a healthy life and to enjoy the health benefits it brings.


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