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Why we use natural sweetener Thaumatin?

Why we use natural sweetener Thaumatin?

Flavour has a huge role when it comes to the consistency and taste of supplements.The flavour of a supplement really can make or break it, typically if it tastes bad, you’re less likely to take it consistently, however if it tastes great but that’s due to nasty artificial fillers and flavours you might think twice about taking it too. Designer Physique provides great tasting, quality supplements, but don’t just hear it from us, check out the testimonials from some of our happy customers!


At Designer Physique our philosophy is to provide natural and artificial free supplements that cater to all allergies and intolerances, if you’re wondering why this is, have a read to get to know us a little better!


What is Thaumatin?

So you’re probably wondering, what is Thaumatin? It’s certainly not the first natural sweetener that comes to mind as it’s not as commonly known or used as other natural sweeteners like stevia or xylitol. Thaumatin is a sweet tasting protein that comes from Katemfe fruit from Africa. It is an extremely safe sweetener with plenty of other benefits, for more information on thaumatin check out this blog. 


Why do we use it?

There are many reasons as to why Thaumatin is our choice of sweetener, all of which are reasons targeted to improve health and wellbeing while supporting our sensitive tummy consumers (much like Tony Sfeir, our founder, read more about his story here). Here are our main points:

  • Nearly 2000 times more sweeter than regular table sugar, meaning we dont need alot of it to do the job
  • Extremely low calorie (Our protein contains 113cal and 0.36g of sugar per serve)
  • It’s ability to mask unwanted aftertastes by modifying flavours
  • It is non-harmful, there are no reported effects of causing allergies or gut irritation
  • It makes our supplements taste great!


Why we don’t use more common natural sweeteners

By now it’s pretty obvious to see all the great benefits of Thaumatin and why it is our sweetener of choice, but you might be wondering what’s wrong with other common natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol? In short, they don’t live up to our ideals of creating natural supplements that cater to ALL intolerances and allergies. 


Stevia has been known to cause gut discomforts such as bloating, nausea and gas as well as more severe allergic reactions. Most stevia products are also highly refined and may be blended with high calorie and high glycemic sweeteners, which do more harm than good (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2018). High amounts of Xylitol has also been known to cause gut discomfort such as bloating and diarrhoea, cause nutrient deficiencies, constipation and electrolyte imbalance due to its poor absorption and cause fermentation of gut bacteria leading to digestive issues. While xylitol is used in some of our products, there is only a very minimal amount used which significantly reduces the risk of negative side effects (Rawlsky, 2020).  


See our customer’s experience of taking Designer Physique supplements to see how beneficial it is for optimising health!


Does that sweeten the value of our supplements?

Hopefully now you can confidently understand why we have specifically chosen thaumatin as our sweetener of choice for all our supplements at Designer Physique. Our company is epitomised by the motto  “love your life, love your body” and we use these supplements as a tool to help you do the same, by lovingly putting quality and non-harmful ingredients into our products so that you can fuel your body. 


Now you know better, why stop here?

We challenge you to look at all the different supplements and processed foods that you are putting into your body and look into what’s actually in it.  Knowledge is power, so it’s extremely important to know which sweeteners you are putting into your body and how they are making you feel. Start today with making better choices for your health and wellbeing by buying quality supplements to support your health and wellbeing from Designer Physique.






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