Free shipping on all orders over $150
Free shipping on all orders over $150

Tony Sfeir Designer Physique is very pleased to announce that we are now the official nutrition supplier to all Fitness Matters Gyms!

Who are Fitness Matters?

Fitness Matters are a boutique style health & fitness chain currently located in New South Wales and Queensland, expanding to other areas fast. These are gyms focused on Results Based Training making YOU THE most important ingredient. At Fitness Matters you are not just another number… finally a gym that really cares about YOU!

Why did Tony Sfeir decide to team up with Fitness Matters?

  • Their intention: “It is our intention to create a happy & healthy world because we care.”
  • Their mission: “It is our mission to provide Inspiration, Motivation and Support in a caring environment to ensure every member achieves results.”
  • Their drive, passion and professionalism; which makes this a very balanced partnership.

Tony Sfeir has spent over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, focused primarily on providing the best quality nutrition along with the best quality advice. It is vitally important that he choose partners who also focus on health and nutrition as well as fitness.

All members at Fitness Matters will be confident they are receiving the highest quality in training, the highest quality nutrition and highest quality advice from both Designer Physique and Fitness Matters.

Introductory offer:

All Fitness Matters gyms will give new members a FREE TWO WEEK MEMBERSHIP if they mention this article on joining!!!!!This includes a health check, unlimited visits, unlimited classes; full use of all club facilities.

8 Week Fat Loss Challenge

If you would like to be part of their upcoming 8 week challenge starting 4th Feb 2011; find your closest gym and go talk to them NOW!!! Designer Physique will be offering a nutritional pack for all participants.

Why wait another year to shed those cms and kgs. You CAN do it, and you are MUCH more likely to succeed with people around you who support you.

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