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L-Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids that our body manufactures, which is depleted rapidly in individuals living a busy, active lifestyle.

This means if you’re a hard-charging athlete, bodybuilder, or dealing with a high amount of stress through post-injury or the hustle-and-bustle of life in general, you will benefit from supplementing with L-Glutamine.

This is why Designer Physique created Immuno Boost, sourced from premium quality, 100% natural L-glutamine from fermented molasses.

In this article, you’ll find out why we call it “Immuno Boost”, and other specific benefits that make L-Glutamine your key to optimal performance and wellbeing.


L-Glutamine for Immune Health

One key function that L-glutamine plays in the body is its critical role in immune system functioning.

L-Glutamine is used primarily as a fuel source for the immune cells in our body, including various white blood cells, and intestinal cells that line the inner membrane of our gut (Cruzat et al., 2018).

This makes L-Glutamine particularly useful to strengthen or restore immune function in times of high stress, such a post-injury, surgery, or even high intensity/volume exercise in athletes (Cruzat et al., 2014).

For this reason, Designer Physique created Immuno Boost, because although we can get L-Glutamine through diet and our body’s natural production, during high stress, injury or illness, we still may not be getting enough.

Another amazing way to support your immune health is through a quality Greens Superfood Powder, such as our Organic Greens Boost

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Important for Gut Health

Following on from immune health is L-Glutamine’s important role in gut health, or more specifically, the health of our intestinal cells.

L-Glutamine is essentially a source of energy for the growth and repair of intestinal epithelial cells that line our gut.

This means, when we supplement with L-Glutamine, we improve gut barrier function, which can be often impaired through poor nutrition, chronic illness, infection, immunosuppression, severe trauma or leaky gut syndrome (Krishna Rao, 2012).

When we improve gut barrier function, we also prevent toxins and pathogens from getting into the body (Dignass, 2001), meaning we also further improve our immune health.

L-Glutamine also impacts the health of our gut microbiota (Perna et al., 2019), which may also improve digestion and lower inflammation, which may assist with chronic inflammatory conditions (Giriş et al., 2006), such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

Gut Health is super important, which is why we also created Gut Health Boost, which contains a synbiotic blend of gut-boosting ingredients.

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Muscle Growth & Recovery 

One of the most well-known uses of L-Glutamine is its ability to increase protein synthesis and assist in muscle growth.

This may actually be due to the higher turnover of cells from the stress and “micro-injuries” put on the muscle during intense exercise, and supplementing allows physiological concentrations of L-glutamine to remain adequate during a workout (Rahmani et al., 2013).

This results in a decrease in muscle soreness, and provides faster recovery post-exercise, allowing you to get back into your training sooner (Legault et al., 2015). 

This makes L-Glutamine super beneficial if you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or are just really active in general because you’re likely not getting enough for adequate rest and repair.

Something also critically important for muscle growth and recovery is protein powder, such as whey protein or plant protein powder.

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The Takeaway

L-Glutamine is absolutely critical for our immune health, gut function and we need it to recover in a timely manner from post exercise, injury and illness. 

This is why we made Designer Physique Immuno Boost, because we recognised how critical this amino acid was in the body, and not just for our immune system.

Sourced from 100% naturally fermented ingredients, Designer Physique Immuno Boost is one of the few L-Glutamine supplements on the market with zero additives, preservatives, and absolutely no artificial flavours or colours.

Are you ready to immune your immune health, gut health and recover faster? Pick up a jar today!



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