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“I need to lose some weight.”

I guess you’ve heard those words spoken what must seem like a gazillion times? Maybe you’ve even said them yourself?

Today, you’ll discover why you should never talk about “losing weight.”

Most people’s true desire is to look good naked. And for that, you need body tone. So, to look good naked, you will need to burn fat and keep your muscle. Muscle and fat loss combined will leave you both skinny and flabby!

How do we burn fat?

Despite the billions of dollars spent on the “weight loss” industry, only a handful of people know that a fat cell breaks down to carbon dioxide and water. The same number of atoms – Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen – exist both before and after the fat burning process. Nothing is lost. When you burn 10 kg of fat, the result is 10 kg of carbon dioxide and water.

You’ll note from the video, the “big secret” to losing “weight” is simple.

“Move more. Eat less.”

The next logical questions for someone to ask are: “What’s meant by ‘moving more’”, “How much less food,” and “What food should I be eating?”

The answer to, “What’s meant by moving more?”, depends on your starting point, how much fat you want to lose and physical capability. For those reasons, I’m unable to recommend an individual exercise program for you.

What I can say for sure is that small changes make a big difference. Add a brisk 30-minute walk to your daily routine. Push out ten press-ups before each meal. Sustain each for only 30 days, and you’ll delight in the dramatic results you see when you compare before and after pics.

Many people find following popular restrictive diet programs disrupting; they end up deeply unsettled and demoralised. Shrouded in the cloak of failure, they abandon their health goals, until their optimism is renewed with the arrival of the next fad diet. The cycle repeats endlessly.

If you’re in that type of cycle, you should try the approach of making small and easily achievable changes.

Let’s move on to, “What should I be eating?”

According to Health Direct, the best way to eat for health is to choose a variety of foods from each of the five food groups every day. They lay out the recommended minimum and maximum levels of daily and weekly food consumption for men, women and children.

There is room within the Health Direct guide for you to add or exclude certain foods based on your lifestyle or beliefs — to follow a Vegan diet for example. (Today, I’m sticking to the subject of fat loss. We’re omitting any debate on whether a particular food should or shouldn’t be eaten for any other reason.) Towards the end of the guide, there is a list of so-called “Discretionary choices,” and although they’ve cloaked their language in vagueness, the message is clear; “Don’t eat junk and don’t drink alcohol.”

No matter which version of a healthy and balanced diet you follow, I think we all agree that junk food and alcohol have no place in it.

NOTE: Despite the multi-billion dollar “weight loss” industry, eating a healthy and balanced diet and getting regular exercise is the best way to maintain your health and fitness.

Are there any shortcuts?

Over the long term, the answer is, “No.”

But in the short-term it’s possible to lose fat more quickly, prevent your body from burning muscle instead of fat, and help your body use fat instead of storing it.

Take five minutes to read this easy-to-follow blog post covering 23 controlled and randomized clinical studies of low-carb and low-fat diets. You’ll quickly conclude that a low-carb diet increases the initial rate of fat loss, but that a low-fat diet is useless.

Ketoschool’s post, “The Science Behind Fat Metabolism,” clearly explains the reason why.

Glucose from carbohydrates is the controlling switch that determines whether your body is in fat-burning or fat-storing mode.”

They continue, “as long as protein-intake is high enough, your body will not burn a significant amount of muscle protein.” You must eat enough protein, or you’ll experience muscle loss.

So, if we shouldn’t ever say, “I need to lose weight,” what should you say?

Instead say, “I need to lose fat.”

And the best way to do that is to eat a healthy and balanced diet, to reduce the number of carbs you eat, to increase your protein intake and to exercise regularly.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. Get started by making small changes and go from there.

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