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Our dreams have come true… We can now eat bacon without eating bacon…

Researchers have found a natural super food that has twice the nutritional value of kale, grows incredibly quickly and did we mention…

It tastes like bacon!

Researchers at Oregon State have patented this new super food which is actually a strain of seaweed called Dulse that tastes like bacon when it’s cooked.

Oregon State researcher Chris Langdon and his team started growing the new strain while trying to find a food source full of nutrients to feed abalone, a popular seafood in many parts of Asia. The strain is a type of red algae that normally grows along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.

Langdon said that currently, no US companies are growing the seaweed for people to eat but it has been eaten by people in northern Europe for centuries.

“…It’s pretty amazing stuff, when you fry it which I have done it tastes exactly like bacon not seaweed,” Langdon told OSU.

Dulse tastes just like bacon!

Apparently they’re not sure yet whether commercializing it for human consumption would be practical or not although the team thinks there is a huge market with people who have a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Well with over 21g of protein per 100g and a long list of vitamins and minerals we hope that someone commercializes it for the Australian market soon so we can start enjoying bacon without eating bacon…

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