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Reason Why We Created Designer Physique

  1. Reason Why We Created Designer Physique 

Being a family owned and operated business of over 20 years, our company continues to thrive creating natural, high quality, pure products with integrity that cater to food additive intolerances and sensitivities. 

Tony Sfeir with his original product

With Tony’s mantra “love your life, love your body” at the forefront of our company, we aim to educate and inspire a holistic and healthy way of living with a better quality of life.



What we stand for.. 

Our motto at Designer Physique supports the philosophy of promoting health living  through the many products and supplements you consume. We’ve been providing a superior supplement option for customers with food additive allergies and consumers looking for a more natural and unadulterated supplement for over 20 years. We hope to educate our customers on how to live their best and healthiest lives by embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our purpose and emphasis are to produce the highest quality product available, with no shortcuts taken to achieve this.


Where it all began.. 

Designer Physique came into existence in the early 2000s when founder Tony Sfeir created a product that catered towards his dietary intolerances and sensitivities. Being a bodybuilder with a keen interest in his nutrition and how he could fuel his body, Tony found that the supplements and protein targeted exclusively to bodybuilders contained lower quality additives and sweeteners that weren’t the right fuel for his body. His vision was to create high quality products that spoke to a market who wanted to partake in nutrition and supplementation but couldn’t due to their intolerances. Subsequently, this opened the door to a bigger market of people who wanted a quality protein without the added junk. As a transformation coach passionate about endorsing a better quality of life, Tony educated people on a non-diet approach to healthy living. Through his core values of relationships with yourself, taking care of your body by putting the right things into it, embracing body no matter what age, shape or size and transforming your inner self talk by recognising our bodies as a temple and having a life balance; Tony created the motto “love your life, love your body” which is still at the forefront of Designer Physique today. 

Where we’re at today..

Our company is a family owned Gold Coast business started by Tony Sfeir in the early 2000s. Since Tony’s passing in 2011, the company continues to be run by his parents Abdul and Juliette with the team expanding into the younger generation. As the demand for natural products continues to rapidly grow, Designer Physique has faced many challenges but continues to persevere with confidence and patience all while embodying Tony’s love of life, health and wellbeing. 

Our ever expanding team bringing these products to you today are passionate about health and wellbeing and providing everyone with a quality product that they can trust in to help achieve this. By continuing to grow our range of products and

The family running Designer Physique today
The family running Designer Physique today

options, Designer Physique continuously evolves and strives to better our products and your experience with them. 


Try the Designer Physique difference for yourself!

How do you find the supplements you take interact with you? Do they support you or make you suffer? If you’re wanting to see a difference in your health and wellbeing with quality and clean supplements that you can trust, give Designer Physique products a go today and notice the difference for yourself. To shop our quality and extensive range click  here.

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