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Immuno Boost and the Gut Brain Axis

Article At A Glance:

  • Designer Physique’s Immuno Boost helps to support gut health and brain health together
  • By protecting the intestinal lining from inflammation and damage, maintaining a microbial (bacteria) balance and facilitating an overall healthier gut integrity, L-Glutamine is able to influence the brain activity and neurotransmitter levels through the vagus nerve. 


Have you ever heard the saying “Gut feeling”? This phrase is so much more than just a saying as the health of your gut can actually determine the feelings, emotions and neurotransmitters that your brain produces. When you hear the term “bacteria” you probably think of a bad pathogen, however the gut’s microbiome is an ecosystem of both good and bad bacteria. Both good and bad bacteria play a vital role in the human body by supplying nutrients, aiding in digestion, nerve function and synthesising vitamins. 


L-Glutamine, the primary ingredient in Designer Physique’s Immuno Boost has many benefits for supporting brain function and mental health. To understand more about how it supports  the brain, have a read here.

Tell me more about L-Glutamine…

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, meaning the body circulates and utilises a lot of it for daily functioning. All organs, but in particular the intestine relies on glutamine to maintain gut integrity (the bacterial balance and health). Glutamine contributes to this by sustaining the bacterial balance in the gut, supports the integrity of intestinal lining by increasing tight junction protein expression and minimises the inflammatory response to mucosal irritation (Deters & Saleem, 2021). 

But how does it do this?

Studies on glutamine have shown its ability to positively influence the genetic expression (AKA production) of different bacterial strains in the gut and replicate gut mucosal cells. The mechanism it uses to achieve this is by activating protein kinases (helpers that sort through cells in the intestines) to create new cells of the gut. Growth factors are a group of proteins that stimulate the growth of specific tissues. These gut cells maximise the effects of growth factors such as epidermal (skin cell) growth factor and insulin-like growth factor-I, which influence the production of DNA, protein synthesis and gut mucosal cells. These cells improve gut integrity by facilitating bacterial balance and support the intestinal lining, thus,reducing inflammation (Kim & Kim, 2017). 

Let’s talk about the Gut Brain Axis

The Gut Brain Axis is a term that refers to the communication line between the central and enteric nervous systems that  link gut functions with the brain. The vagus nerve is a nerve in the body that stems from the brain, through the neck and thorax to the abdomen. This nerve modulates gut function which impacts neurotransmitter balance in the brain. When the gut is inflamed or in a compromised state it directly affects brain health and neurotransmitter balance. Some reasons why the the gut could be inflamed or comprised include sickness, stress, exposure to parasites or pathogens, as a result from medication such as antibiotics and poor nutrition/dietary intake. 


How this links L-Glutamine to supporting brain health..

By protecting the intestinal lining from inflammation and damage, maintaining a microbial (bacteria) balance and facilitating an overall healthier gut integrity, L-Glutamine is able to influence the brain activity and neurotransmitter levels through the vagus nerve.  


Neurotransmitters require neurons which are “communication cells”. Put simply, neurons function by receiving and sending electrical signals to muscles .When neurons travel from the central nervous system they synapse (react) on the bacterial colonies in the gut, showing the direct influence that brain activity has on the microbiota (gut’s bacterial balance). On the contrary, through the vagus nerve the gut can also influence brain activity. Dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance) and inflammation in the gut can alter the brain’s neurotransmitter balance by  producing too much of the hormones that create a stress response within the body and not enough of the hormones that keep the body feeling calm and happy. This highlights the importance of how a healthy gut can influence the production of hormones responsible for making the brain and body feel good (Ghaisas et al., 2016). 


Healthy Gut = Healthy Brain

Supplementing with Immuno Boost is like watering two plants with one hose, or if you like getting two health benefits for the price of one. By maintaining a healthy brain and a healthy gut you are setting your body up for optimal health and wellness! Don’t just take our word for it, try L-Glutamine for yourself and experience the benefits. We’ve got a gut feeling that our Immuno Boost supplement will help you Love your body, Love your life.




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