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[Looking for my magical ice-cream replacement recipe? It’s about halfway down this post]

In order for us to shed unwanted body fat, we need to expend more energy than we take in. We can do this by adding in weight training and cardio, or increasing our daily energy expenditure by being more active. But we can also decrease our calorie intake slightly to help the process along.

The thought of a diet can sometimes be so overwhelming, that many people just put it off over and over and never get around to starting.

The good news is, you don’t need to start a ‘diet’. There are many easy ways to reduce your calorie consumption, without feeling like you are suffering.

Try these easy ways to cut back on the calories:

  • Swap sugar laden peanut butter for natural peanut butter
  • Swap natural peanut butter for fruit spread
  • Swap fruit spread for vegemite
  • Swap mango or banana for lower calorie berries
  • Reduce the amount of butter/avocado on your sandwich
  • Use less oil when cooking
  • Swap a full cream milk for a lighter skim milk or almond milk
  • Order a small latte instead of a large
  • Have one biscuit instead of two with your morning tea
  • Use one egg yolk in an omelette instead of two
  • Replace sugar with a natural stevia powder

The list can go on and on…

But this has to be my favourite – a replacement for ice-cream…

You have to try this low calorie macro hack.

It’s low in fat, low in carbohydrates and high in protein but it tastes divine!

smoothieIn a blender, simply add one tray of ice cubes, one cup of almond milk, 40 grams of Tony Sfeir’s Vanilla WPI and blend till creamy and thick.

You will need a good blender, crush the ice well first and then leave it to blend on low for a few minutes until it churns into a thick, creamy ‘ice-cream’.

Top with anything you like — you can put some low fat whipped cream on if you’re feeling indulgent, some sugar free flavoured drinking power, and a few sprinkles just for fun.

Use vanilla almond milk, any other nut milk or coconut milk for extra creaminess (be wary of the high fat versions… many lower fat coconut milk cartons are now available in the long life milk section). If you want to be extra healthy you can substitute water for almond milk, and if you want to add more carbohydrates you can add in any fruit you like.

You can also use this with Tony Sfeir’s Chocolate WPI — and why not throw in a shot of coffee for a mid morning iced-mocha pick-me-up?

Use these “barely noticeable’ changes and keep adding in ones of your own and, in no time at all, I know you’ll be delighted at the positive body transformations you will achieve.

Tell me your favourite substitutions in the comments below…

Melissa CrowtherThis is a guest post written by our wonderful and high-achieving ambassador Melissa Crowther. You can read more about Melissa at her site:

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