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Hey there, welcome to this slightly different blog post.

Today, I want to introduce Melissa Crowther

melissa comp picMelissa Crowther is an extremely passionate ambassador for health and fitness and is proud to be associated with Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique.

Melissa found her passion in the health and fitness industry shortly after leaving school. She pursued a career in fitness, starting out as a fitness class instructor and later moved into Personal Training. She now runs a successful online coaching business “Enduring Fitness”, specialising in body transformations and competition preparation for bikini and fitness athletes.

Melissa has adopted a dietary approach that allows flexibility and sustainability, whilst ensuring proper nourishment and internal health. Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique products have been an integral part of her dietary regime for many years now.

Melissa is a very successful competitor herself and currently competing with the IFBB in Bikini Fitness. She has 16 placings and wins through her competition history and is the 2017IFBB South Pacific/Oceania Masters Champion, the 2017 IFBB National Masters Champion and 2017 NSW Open Champion. Melissa now has her sights set on competing at the 2018 Arnold Classic and beyond.

melissa beachOver the coming weeks and months, Melissa will be contributing to our educational posts, in an effort to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

If you have questions you’ve always wanted to ask, please direct them to us so Melissa can answer them for you.

In the New Year, Melissa will be adding a training program you can follow along with.

One of the first things Melissa recommends, is to start making small changes to your diet and fitness. Easy changes that you find you can incorporate without too much trouble.

For example, simply swapping breakfast for a healthy smoothie with protein powder is a great way to start. You can read more in this post about small changes.

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