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Do you often struggle with creative ways to consume your favourite whey or plant protein powder?

Are you getting sick of the whole “dump-and-shake” routine?

Although a protein shake post-workout can often feel very rewarding, especially after crushing a hard workout at the gym, doing this repetitively can get a little unexciting and lacklustre.

To help break the habit, here are 5 exciting ways to get your daily intake of protein without the boring protein shaker routine.

#1 Make Some Delicious Protein Pancakes

Everyone loves a good pancake, right? But often, the commercial kinds are usually sugar-laden, not really good for you and are lacking in essential nutrients, one being protein.

The next time you want a delicious protein-packed post-workout treat; why not make some protein pancakes instead?

Here’s a super simple four-ingredient recipe to get you started.

Optional – Cinnamon, vanilla essence, peanut butter and berries to taste.

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, and cook them on a non-stick medium heat pan.

Enjoy a healthy dose of protein powder at approximately 250 calories.

#2 A Protein-packed Cheesy Snack

If you’re a lover of cheese-cake, try upgrading your protein powder into a delicious cheesy treat.

Simply combine ½ cup of cream cheese (or cashew cheese) with your choice of whey or plant protein powder, and add a drop or two of stevia.

Alternatively, you could leave the stevia out if you’re using one of our flavoured protein powders, as we already use a good, natural sweetener known as thaumatin.

Add a dash of milk to get a smooth consistency, and once fully mixed, refrigerate for a few hours.

Cheese-cakey goodness packed full of protein.

#3 Hot Cuppa with Protein Powder

If you’re sick of protein shakes, but still want a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed post-workout (warm or cold), try this one out.

Mix 1 tbsp of cocoa in boiling hot water, and then add 1 serve (30g) of whey or plant protein powder.

Add in your choice of stevia, coconut sugar or maple syrup, whatever you fancy, and combine well.

Top it up with marshmallows and perhaps even a few chunks of chocolate, and enjoy!

#4 Protein-rich Mousse

Fruits make a great snack, and often offer clean burning energy to fuel our exercise and replenish us post-workout.

Why not upgrade this snack with a scoop of your favourite whey or plant protein powder?

Mix up one scoop with one cup of Greek or coconut yoghurt,, throw in a big ‘ol dollop of peanut butter, and combine well. Once mixed into a smooth consistency, place the dip into the fridge until it’s ready to serve.

Enjoy this tasty protein-filled snack by topping it off with your favourite choice of fruit such as a banana, strawberries, and even adding in some cacao nibs or desiccated coconut for added nutrients.

#5 Protein-rich Breakfast Bowl

A quick and simple alternative to protein shakes is making a delicious breakfast bowl.

Take ½ a cup of organic oats, and add in one scoop of your favourite whey or plant protein powder. Mix in approximately ½ a cup of water or nut milk, and add a dash of stevia for added sweetness.

Alternatively, you could leave the stevia out if you’re using one of our flavoured protein powders, as we already use a good, natural sweetener known as thaumatin.

To top it off, upgrade it with a sprinkling of superfoods including cacao nibs, chia seeds, blueberries, or perhaps a glob of peanut butter.

The Takeaway

Protein shakes can definitely become repetitive and tiresome over time, so it’s always good to switch up the way you utilise your protein intake.

These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg as to how you can creatively experiment with whey or plant protein powder.

If you’re looking for more recipes, refer to our recipe page for more ideas on using protein powder without a shaker.

If you have a favourite recipe, or recipe idea that you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments.


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