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Free shipping on all orders over $150

Over the past few decades, powdered protein has been popular for women who want to stay in shape.

It‘s one of the quickest sources that many choose to get their daily dose of protein.

It was good for a time, but most if not all of the people who have used it would recommend to just move on with the natural ones.

Apparently, there are many disadvantages that protein powder could give and it is better if women are aware of it.

The next time you purchase your usual protein powder, you might want to check out these three reasons why women would buy the natural ones.


1. Avoid Unwanted Gas:


This may sound embarrassing, but unfortunately this happens in real life.

Unnatural protein powder makes you fart a lot! Why? Because this product contains whey, which is responsible for making women bloated.

It also causes trouble in the digestive system, which results to gassiness.

If you are about to go on a date, taking natural protein powder would save you from a lot of embarrassment.


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2. Non-Toxic:


The usual protein powder contains a lot of heavy metals that is allowed by the bureau of food and drugs.

You can find a high dosage of mercury, arsenic and lead just to name a few when you buy a protein powder that is not made with natural ingredients.

These heavy metals and chemicals are mostly carcinogenic, so don’t be surprised why some people are diagnosed with cancer later on in their life.

It is quite an ironic image when they seemed to be healthy since the purpose of protein powder is to keep the body fit.

But don’t be deceived by it because its effects are deadly in the long run. Going for natural protein powder would put your mind at ease that you are not taking in any toxins in your body.


3. Balances Your Sugar Level:


Among the disadvantages of protein powder that doesn’t contain natural ingredients is that it could raise your sugar level. If you have diabetes, this is not the

If you have diabetes, this is not the best product for you. Going for a natural protein powder would

Going for a natural protein powder would make your blood sugar level out. People who are taking the unnatural ones would often notice that their sugar level goes really high after it hits their blood system.

One of these signs is that they get hungry right after they drink it. This could make you go hyper

This could make you go hyper for a moment and then it would make your blood sugar crash, which would result to you being all weak and lethargic.

There are a lot of natural protein powders available in the market now, so there is no reason to stick to the ones that would jeopardize your health.

Check out some of our natural nondairy protein powders here if you want to get of the whey for a bit…


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